Monday, August 31, 2015

Santa Cruz week 8

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Becca Sue I hope your day is awesome :)

This week was interesting. We did a lot of service, actually meeting the weekly goal for once! 5 acts for 10 hours. Woohoo. :)

So you know what we did on Monday, that was in my last email. :)

Tuesday we did service for someone in the c ward. She is awesome and a caterer and an amazing cook (no one is better than mom though) and just awesome, and her husband is a musician. We were helping move some boxes for a rummage sale in their community with Elder Staker and Elder Lund and it was awesome. :) We kind of rode in the back of a pick up truck. . . . Later that day we found out that Sister Palmers best friend moved without telling her :(

Wednesday we did more service for the same people, basically doing the same thing. :) I am totally finding them after my mission!!! Also the people in charge of the rummage sale gave me a dreamcatcher. Our dinner was with the Branch President of Ocean Branch and we used chopsticks  He and his wife are both awesome. :)

Thursday we had our second lesson with the investigator we found the week before and it went really well:) . District meeting was also today, and it of course was awesome and filled with learning more things about missionary work and missionary work games to help you do missionary work. xD :)

Friday we went to the doctor for Sister Palmer so that she could schedule a sleep study for her. We had more service, at our usual place the soup kitchen. Thankfully nothing insane happened there this week. That evening we went to an art show. :) When we went contacting a couple of weeks ago we met Karen Scarborough on East Cliff painting with Oils. She is AWESOME and we went to the art show. I now have a small card with a picture of one of the beaches of Oahu, Hawaii because one of the artists there does awesome water photographs.

Saturday we went to Watsonville for most of the day and almost as soon as we got there I started feeling terrible. I had troubles breathing and my chest hurt. I told one of the STL's and she said it was probably allergies as when people go to w. their allergies get way worse because of how much stuff is grown there. So I basically tried to ignore it for the rest of the day. Hurray. We then went to SLV which is on the opposite end of the stake so our miles were awesome by the end of the day (99.5, it was epic lol).  Visited Sister Dallenbach! And this time she said "I'll kill you" and sister Palmers started freaking out until sis D. said "where's the fly swatter". Yup. She is totally insane.

Sunday we went to Alma branch. That was fun. We were basically told to repent because righteousness and the rain are somehow connected. . . . o.O  then we went to OB sacrament but after sacrament, I was still not feeling well at all. I just have a respitory infection and have been told to take it easy for the next few days. Sigh. As a missionary, THAT IS SO HARD.

​this was the moon last night. 
This is on SeaBright beach in front of the Santa Cruz museum. It was
Thursday. Sister palmer was feeling sick after dinner so we went for a
walk and took a picture by the whale.

So I've been reading Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage, and it is super cool. It's all about Christ's life. Also, I have a really old copy that was owned by one of my great grandma's on my moms side and her signature is on the front cover, and there are notes and markings all over. It's really cool! It's super thin, because the pages are scripture paper and basically no one else I've met has a copy like mine which is kinda cool and it's pretty and an interesting read. :) I'm in chapter 16, which is talking about Christ's apostles and it is just really interesting to read about.

California is awesome! Even if it has been kindof hot the past couple of days. . . . Texas must be rubbing of on us a bit.

The week has been awesome and insane, but everything is going good. My companion is my trainer and AMAZING. A new transfer started this week. All's good.

Love and miss my people!!!

Sister Kelly

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