Monday, August 17, 2015

Santa Cruz week 6

Some highlights from this week: I received the CD's Aunt Cindy sent!! :) One person we are meeting with right now is Nicolette. She is a recent convert who goes to school here at UCSC and is not even technically in our stake she goes to her home ward somewhere else. We are just helping to teach her the RC lessons. :)

I will go over how our week usually looks and then do how last week went. :)

everyday we wake up at 6:30 and exercise, at 7:00 is preparation for the day, 8 is personal study, 9 is companion study. 9:30 pm is daily planning when we plan for the next day. :)  mondays and sundays we don't go finding or contacting. 

Mondays are P-Days!!! :) best day we email, write letters, do laundry and errands, and have fun. Sometimes as a zone, or as multiple zones, or sometimes as a district (or substitute district) we do stuff. Because of the ipad we can email all day 10am-6pm and read emails throughout the week. After that is dinner if we have one and then FHE with the YSA. 

Tuesdays - Thursdays we have training, go finding, see people. Tuesdays is usually district meeting unless there is a bigger meeting happening that week. Wednesday was mini exchanges and interviews with President Mella ( :D ). The exchanges went well and we had fun. I took sister Snyder to Marrianne. On Thursday it was just bad., dragging us down all day. But, we met a person whom we had been trying to meet for weeks named Danielle. :)
Friday we have service from 10-1 unless we have a meeting like we did this past week. Friday is also our weekly planning day. Friday was Zone Training Meeting and that was of course epic because we all got lunch afterwards and talked at the church for like an hour more. xD Also the Zone Leaders had a baptism. :)

Saturday we do training and finding and stuff in the morning and in the afternoon Saturday the WML in SLV and his wife fed us yummy food (salad and chicken and fruit - healthiest I've had yet. . . . xD)And see our Saturday people. Expect one, Alice, who is going to the temple on the 22nd (this upcoming saturday), which happens to be Lisa's three month mark and Sister Palmer's Parents' anniversary :)

Sundays we usually go to three wards unless going to slv or alma, then we go to two. We always go to the YSA ward. 8 hours of church horray. bleh. Then we try and see people.  
"On sunday we taught Gospel Principles in one of our wards. The topic was talents. I am so thankful for talents and the fact that people have them. I want to remind everyone that YOU DO HAVE TALENTS. And those talents were given to you by God. Maybe you can't see the talents you have, maybe they are berried, but you have them. Think about all of the things you can do! All of those things are talents.  Think about it: God gave everyone talents. Maybe you have one, five, ten. BUT YOU HAVE TALENTS.

​This was the activity the FHE did last monday. :) Sister Palmer and I are the lighthouse and rose/vine thing 


​There is a chocolate place called Makensies Chocolates and wow. Yummy. 

But look what I found mom. LISA LANE!!! :) Lisa has a street! xD

Sister Snyder and me.

We taught our stuffed animals the Plan of Salvation in a role play because we were tired of using an inanimate chair. So we animated the stuffed animals. xD 

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