Monday, August 31, 2015

Santa Cruz week 7

This week was insane. Tuesday was district meeting as usual and I showed them the video of Lisa laughing.
Thursday was awful we had an appointment but it went terrible he totally went off on us so we waited till he left and then asked the Elders for blessings because they had thankfully walked into the church building a bit before. Also on Elder Stakers advice we called President Mella and he of course made everything better.  :) it was funny in the morning though as Elder Staker and some of our WML tried to find us dinners at the same time and miscommunication commenced. Friday someone had a seizure at the Soup Kitchen where we do service and of course I was closest so I called for help they call 911 and the person didn't want help :(.

 Also that night after dinner we somehow pocket dialed the Elders (we've dialed 911 two somehow, they called us back lol) and it was in Sister Palmers purse so lol. Saturday we tried to do another service but that didn't happen cause police were blocking the way. Sunday the organist in slv stopped us in the middle and made us start over the verse cause she messed up. Today we were at the beach from 9:30- around 2:30. xD It was AWESOME.

Sister Melia and me. 

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