Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Santa Cruz week 5

I thought this was awesome


We went out for food after a huge awesome service at the food bank. :)

This is the end of the rope xD

This week was pretty cool. Hit the one month mark on Saturday! o.O wow. . . . has it really been a month? It definitely doesn't feel like it!! 

Last P-Day our zone didn't really do anything. . . But Sister Palmer and I met up with the Watsonville district and played Settelers of Catan. It was awesome. Also I made Natalie tell me stories. . . . xD 

Sister Palmer and I finished putting our Area Book into the planner app on the ipads! Horray! 

Had what we called a mini zone conference, but it was really just a training/pep with President and Sister Mella and the AP's. 

I keep having a hard time thinking of what to write and thought I'd share a story I forgot to share one time. We were up in the foothills visiting someone and once we were done and backing out of the driveway, I kindof went a different way than Sister Palmer directed and our front left wheel went off the driveway and we became stuck. We had to ask the landlord of the person whom we were visiting if he could pull us out with his truck! He did, but we had to cut the rope off of our cars cause it wouldn't come off, so I have a souvenir. 

Santa Cruz is really cool and an amazing place to take pictures and the weather is epically amazing, especially compared to Texas. ;P 

Going to the beach again today! The San Jose South Zone has made a day of it, so we shall meet them after our errands are done. :) 

I love and miss everyone!!

Sister Kelly

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