Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter and Mission Memories

This week was pretty good. :) 

And of course mom found actual eggs lol ;)

Saturday morning family Easter egg hunt. 

And the evening brought the girls camp auction. 

Texas "sheep" cake xD 

These are "Muddy" Cupcakes (not the actual name, but mom won't let me say what they are actually called so. . . ). They have cookie on the bottom, oreo in the middle, and brownie on top. Delicious. 

Yes, someone put a live fish "inside" the cake. 

Homemade ice cream - it's the best! 

Rachel and Lisa are sooooooo darling. . . . :) 

This week brought back some memories from my mission - last year General Conference was on Easter and I was serving with Sister Cora Hughes in Fremont. We met with Jaque the Tuesday before Easter and invited her to watch conference with us - and three weeks later, her questions having been answered, she was baptized. :) It's a great memory. 
This Easter I don't have a memory like that to talk about. I have my gratitude for my Savior. I love being able to have hope because of Him. I love being able to help others know and understand what Easter is about (my five year old primary class). I get to be with my family for forever because of what He did for me and you. Go and view the Prince of Peace video on It is amazing and talks a little bit about what He did.

And now on to the boring stuff about the rest of the week. Monday I worked in the morning. It meant I could go to YSA FHE - which I hate missing. :)  We played a sort of flashlight tag and then murder in the dark when the first one didn't work. 
Tuesday I drove Lyd to seminary and mom and I went to a RS activity. 
Wednesday I had work. 
Thursday I drove Lydia to seminary. I had work in the evening - my first time closing. Sadly, it meant no Institute. 
Friday we got ready for the girls camp auction. 
Saturday we had our Easter egg hunt and I had work and then we had the girls camp auction.
Today I taught my five year olds about what Jesus did for us on that first Easter so long ago. Also I gave them chocolate bunnies with paper stapled to them that said "no bunny loves you more than Jesus". ;)

It was a good week. This next one should be exciting. . . . I have a friend coming home from her mission and I am super excited to be able to talk again! 


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