Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bovay and my new favorite movie. . . .

This was a great week. :) 
Mom and Lisa

I took Abi, Lydia, Becca, and Sue to see Beauty and The Beast - IT WAS AMAZING!



Can you tell we were at Bovay? ;)


Mom and Lisa after church

Mom, Lisa, and Lydia

Me and Maria

Monday I had to work during FHE which was sad as they played volleyball. Oh well. I worked on Wednesday too. 
Thursday I took the girls to see my new favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast. It was sooooo good!! :) Institute was great as well. 
Friday and Saturday we were at Bovay! :) I spent Saturday watching little kids play Animal Charades. It was awesome. Only downside was getting home at 12:20 in the morning. Ugh. 
Today we went to church, I taught the cute little five year olds. Mom, Lydia and I talked. I went to a YSA Fireside which was awesome. The speaker talked about a lot of different things but it was mostly advice on being YSAs :) (Today is also the anniversary of an amazing friend whose wedding/reception I was unable to attend because mission). 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! 



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