Sunday, February 5, 2017

Life full of siblings. . . . can be a little weird.

Well, I think I've been attacked quite a bit - not more than I thought. Just a lot. But I love being able to hold my siblings (and other children) again! It has been fun being home, spending time with family and trying to not put off finding jobs. Hard when I don't have a car - because I rely on my families cars and they use them as well so. 

Becca and Sue and the cat named Hiccup - yes after the character in that movie I can't remember the name of with Toothless in it. . . we also have a cat named Toothless ;)

Hannah, Lisa, and I
Lisa xD

Mom and Lisa - so cute! 

Lisa is a stylish girl

I mentioned that I went to my brother Ray's basketball game? Here is a picture, he's the tall blond on the right in white 

This cat. . . . the hard part about having cats inside the house - they don't know me and they hate me because of it so this one gave me a scratch today. The name is Bramble. . . . which is like her personality. 

Of course there are pictures, right? If anyone knows me, they know I love pictures! :) 

This week wasn't very eventful. I managed to get past the part of me that is afraid of people sometimes and made it to Institute on Thursday. It was great and I saw some of my friends. 

We were able to go to a baptism in my ward on Saturday. :) Four youth were baptized! It was awesome, I love the feeling at baptisms. 

Today was special because of the four confirmations in church. :) Hilarious moment happened when my younger sister Abigail went up to bear her testimony - and she said: "My big sister got home from her mission last week and she has been teaching us things in family devotional (she meant FHE) and helping our testimonies grow. She has been showing that she loves us and I think that's probably how Jesus is." She thinks that JESUS is like ME. I didn't know weather to laugh or scream cause I'm not perfect but apparently my nine year old sister thinks I am! It was very touching though. I was going to help in nursery, but I had to report on my mission to the High Council, which was mostly just talking about stories from my mission and how I grew because of it.

I keep trying to not make a list of the best things about being home, but honestly, I think holding children and being able to text my sister whenever I want are the top of the list. :) 

Have a great week! ;)


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