Sunday, February 19, 2017

Adventure! We found it. . .

Well I didn't take as many pictures as usual, but I have a story near the end of the week to make up for it! xD Don't skip to the end! 

Abi and I - She was sick most of the week so I took her for a drive before the fireside I had last Sunday

Lisa sleeping 

Rachel sleeping

(I swear my mom took the last two - I stole them from her fb!) 

This is the adorable Lisa ;)

Rachel and I

And here is Lisa again - with one of her usual faces. She's shy, but adorable. 

I can't remember when, but sometime this week I finally finished organizing my resume and figuring out how to put my mission on there. . . xD

Monday was spent preparing my third FHE lesson - The Gospel of Jesus Christ game. 

I got sweet little Valentines from my darling little sisters on Tuesday.

Thursday was Institute - amazing as always! :) We talked about how Jesus went about doing good (immediately my thoughts went to The Living Christ. . . ) and preformed miracles and what miracles we see today. 

Speaking of miracles - this definitely was! On Saturday I started out driving Ray, Lydia, and I to Bovay (an amazing Scout camp where I had girls camp a couple times) for training so we could start working there (YAY!). On the way I realized that I hadn't checked the gas and as a consequence of that we ran out half way there. None of us have actual cell phones (we all use texting apps that require wifi) so I tried waving a couple cars down then walked down the driveway opposite us when that didn't work. Of course, this being Texas, and what with us being way out in the country, they had gas and were completely willing to give us some! Thankfully, I always leave with plenty of time in case of set backs such as this so we were still on time for the training even with my stopping at the first gas station I saw to get gas. The rest of the day proved mostly uneventful, thankfully, but we also had the adult session of stake conference for us to get home too and Ray was in the choir - supposed to be there at 5. Unfortunately, he forgot his suit when leaving that morning, so after leaving Bovay at 4 we made it home in time for Ray, mom, and I to change for the session. Ray ended up not being able to practice, but the choir did well (comprised of missionaries and youth in the stake who had served mini missions last year). The day ended with us going to the store to prepare for 8 children under 14 sitting for two hours on Sunday. 

Stake conference was wonderful! :) 

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and that the week ahead will prove to be amazing! xD



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