Sunday, November 20, 2016


Monday we did laundry and studies. We went to Zumba. Ate a brunch at
Lena's again. Went to my eye appointment. :) we went shopping. Played
games, emailed, had to do more college stuff. Went to our dinner.
Taught the restoration to the bishops family. And yay for ZTM week,
sister Hertig and sister grant had to do some planning.

Tuesday we did studies. Sister Bocanegra and I went to open heart
because the sisters had more planning. We ate lunch. saw Brother Smyth
after more planning. Went to dinner. Helped Citlali. Went to see
Sister Blair.

Sister Hertig and I have been out 16 months!! It is sooo crazy!

Wednesday we did studies and went to Zumba. The other sisters had ZTM
in Fremont so Sister Bocanegra and I went to the gardens. Ate lunch,
got ready. Saw Sister Osborne. Dropped by Sister Caraway. Ate dinner.
Finished our restoration jeopardy game. :)

Happy 17th Birthday Ray! :)

Thursday we did studies. This time we had ZTM. It was good. We ate
lunch quickly then went to a STL meeting. It was fun to see President
and Sister Mella. We went to dinner. Saw the Girardellis.

On Friday Sister Bocanegra and I went to Zumba after studies. The
sisters had ZTM in Pleasanton. Went to Quail service. Ate lunch. Got
ready. Did weekly planning. Helped Citlali again. Went to dinner - I
don't think I've biked that fast for a while. . . But they have a
Steinway and let me play it! Did a little more weekly planning but we
are still not done.

Saturday we were all involved in a service called Race to the
Flagpole, which is to help raise money for school scholarships. Sister
Hertig and I went to one of the farthest points via bike and handed
out water. It was really inspiring when one of the 1/2 marathoners
finished the race walking in, while we (already putting things away
and taking down) cheered her on. Sister Hertig and I had handed her
water, she was the last person we saw before heading back to the start
and at that point she was already walking. It was awesome that she
finished the race and didn't give up! The enduring to the end
principle. We all went to Lena's for lunch. Got ready quickly. Made up
studies. Saw Sister Stearns. Ate dinner. Went to the Harwoods to start
the lessons. Brother Harwood is a convert of 22 years and he started
using all of the questions he had had. That was fun, we kindof taught
half of each of the first two lessons. xD they are a great family!

Sunday we went to Ward council. I had to go with Sister Bocanegra to
their primary program because the sisters had another meeting (I
didn't complain, I mean, children singing. Yes.) tried to see some
people, tried to contact a referral. went to dinner. Finished weekly

It was a good week. :) bonus, I have a great companion. xD whom I am
grateful for. I am also grateful that I have friends on the mission
who I know will be amazing friends when I get home.

I love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

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