Sunday, November 20, 2016


On Monday, which was Halloween, we did laundry and studies. There was
no Zumba because of what day it was - turn out being bad. Went
shopping. Went to my eye appointment. Emailed and worked on school
stuff (blech). Went to dinner, where we helped them hand out amazing
homemade donuts and toys to trick or treaters. As we were supposed to
be inside somewhere safe (yay Halloween) the zone leaders decided we
would do some zone sports to end the day.

Tuesday we did studies. We went to open heart - the Hermanas were the
only other missionaries there, all of the elders somehow being
affected by the transfer. Ate lunch. Worked on a restoration jeopardy
game (to help keep youth and children involved when we teach member
families). Saw Brother Smyth. Went contacting. Ate dinner. Saw the
Silvas and the Girardellis.

Wednesday we did studies and went to Zumba (yay!). Our solo zone
leader, Elder Caceres, wanted to meet with all the companionships
individually and talk to us about our areas and goals we have for the
transfer. Went to open heart gardens. Ate lunch. Got ready. Tried to
see sister Carter - but she wasn't feeling well, so we said we would
try another day. Went to dinner at our new bishops house, we invited
them to take the lessons. Went to young women's and painted pumpkins
with them.

Thursday we did studies and then went to a members house to pick up
pomegranates because, in her words "we have to many to be able to eat
them all before they go bad". Worked on restoration jeopardy before
picking up the Hermanas for lunch. (National sandwich day meant a deal
at subway so we went). Printed some flyers to put up in the church
building. We were going to finally meet a referral some of the elders
were giving us but she canceled last minute because of a scheduling
conflict. Went to dinner and then some members took us to a Sheri Dew
fireside we got permission to go to. It was amazing! She talked about
keeping questions and our testimony separate (QUESTIONS ARE GOOD) and
how we need to prioritize conversion. I loved it. :)

Friday we did studies. Hermana Bocanegra and I went to Zumba and
Quail, because Sisters Hertig and Grant had leadership training. Ate
lunch and got ready. Went to walk with the Hermanas recent convert to
the church so he could get the priesthood (yay) and I played piano
while we waited for the other sisters to pick us up. Went to dinner.
Saw the Gundersens (a non-member family kindof referred to us by a
member family whom we had started teaching the lessons when they
thought of this family to ask if we could practice lessons with). They
later asked for a chapel tour, so hopefully we will do that soon. Went
and saw Sister Oxley.

Saturday we did studies. One of the youth came to our service,
sunflower gardens, because he needed credits for a class. Ate lunch.
Took a member with us to see Sue, a referral we received from some
elders in Pleasanton. Saw Sister Stearns. Dropped off some containers
and things we had gotten from members. Did a little weekly planning.
Ate dinner and used my plan of salvation matching game I drew to keep
children interested in the lesson. When you make a match you have to
explain what it is. Did more weekly planning.

Sunday we went to Ward council. Did comp study. Went to church. Went
to dinner and used the matching game again (mom you can expect me to
use these as lesson tools for FHE when I get home. Just btw. . . :D ).
Tried to see some people. Finished weekly planning.

Hope everyone had an awesome week! Look for the little everyday
miracles! Especially since it is Thankful month. xD

What are you grateful for this week? I am grateful that I am able to
read the scriptures and draw closer to my Heavenly Father - and see
stars that remind me of the light of Christ. :)

Speaking off, I am very excited about the Christmas initiative that
will come out November 25th

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