Sunday, November 20, 2016

halloween week

Monday we did laundry and studies. Went to Zumba. Did studies. A member fed the entire zone lunch. Went shopping. Emailed. Played card games with the zone - mostly uno, lol. Went to Panda with the Hermanas. Tried to see people and did BRT with a less active.

Tuesday we did studies and went to open heart. Got our flu shots as required by the mission nurse. Ate lunch. Saw Brother Smyth. Went to help Citlali with her math homework (she is a member of the Hermanas branch). Went to dinner. Tried to see people.

Wednesday we did studies. Went to the Zumba Halloween dance party. Went to the open heart gardens - apparently the real name is Garden of Grace. ? Ate lunch and got ready. Tried to see people. Went on blitz' - kindof - with some of the elders, they just went around and contacted in our area. Our dinner cancelled, so they called their dinner and asked if we could come. I also found out that Vanessa (my recent convert) has to go back to the very bad conditions in Venezuela. She will be trying to get a student visa and come back here, but everything there right now will make that very hard. I'm already praying for her.

Thursday we did studies. Went to district meeting, where the district leaders took us on a scavenger hunt with study activities which led to us role playing. It was awesome. Ate lunch. Saw a referral from the Pleasanton elders named Sue. Met with Sister Bohn. Went to help Citlali again. Gave the Hermanas the car.  Went to dinner. They drove us to our lesson with the Girardellis. We then went to the church because we forgot to get the keys from the Hermanas. Oops.

Friday we did studies. Went to quail service. Ate lunch. Did weekly planning. Saw Sister Clark. Went to help set up for the Harvest festival, which ended up being amazing. We went home and did more weekly planning.

Saturday we did studies. Dropped the Hermanas off at the church for their baptism. Tried to see some referrals. Helped Citlali again. Ate lunch. Finished weekly planning. Saw Sister Stearns. Saw the Lathams. Gave the Hermanas the car - again forgetting to grab the other keys - and went contacting. We called them but they didn't answer so we called the elders to ask the Hermanas for the keys. They came and took us to their Ward party because we didn't have a dinner. Saw members I knew. Oh something I forgot because nothing happened to our apartment, only one person is transferring in the zone, Elder Jackman, and Elder Pongyan is going home.

Sunday we did studies. Went to church, where we had a change in bishopric. Tried to see someone. Tried to see a less active and instead saw someone we had done service with one time. Went to dinner. Tried to see people. The Bohns took us to correlation.

All in all it was a good week.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

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