Wednesday, June 1, 2016

week 47 exchanges and more exchanges

Monday  was a super relaxing pday. Did extra studies cause we could, I played the piano for an hour and a half. We sent some letters. Ate dinner. Went to the YSA FHE where they were playing kickball. . . and then we went to exchanges.

Tuesday I was in Fremont with Sister Jones. We went to Shinn Park. Helped a member clean part of the church. Ate lunch, saw a couple of people. Jaque, my recent convert, was our dinner!! :) Drove back to Pleasanton.

Wednesday was zone conference. LONG but amazing. We are going to start bringing people immediately to the Sacred Grove - meaning, testifying when contacting about the sacred grove to at least five people every day. Also we are all striving, every companionship in the mission, to have a baptism in June. Went to dinner. Went to a farewell party.

Thursday we went to open heart - and they gave me like ten kiwi. :D We went biking, met some less actives and found two new investigators. Went to teach an adorable kid for the 8 Initiative - what we call teaching the 7 turning 8 year old members whom we teach. Went to dinner. Went to visit Dom (short for Dominique). Went home for exchanges.

Friday Sister Valdez was with us all day . . . . and I took like 200 pictures that day. :) We went to open heart. Saw Sister Buckholz. Tried to see people. Went contacting - with three people it was kindof weird. People were less open. Went to dinner (sweet tomatoes! yay for endless salad!). Went to the badminton event, there were around 50nonmembers there. . . Exchanged back. (the elders we cocover with forgot their phone on the stage at the event. . . I picked it up and we got it back to them)

Saturday we did studies. Received the text of no more sports - too many people getting hurt. Tried to see some referrals. Saw Sandra. Ate lunch. Helped fill up the font for a member kid baptism and did weekly planning. Ate dinner, finished weekly planning.

Sunday we went to church and there were three farewell talks. Lili, one of the investigators we found, came to church. We taught Primary in sharing time about family history. :) Tried to see referrals. Went to dinner.

Also, no we are not affected by the pants and long skirts. :( sad. . . I really wanted to wear long skirts. I don't really care about the pants.

Hope everything is going well!!!

Love you and miss you all!!


Sister Kelly

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