Tuesday, June 14, 2016

week 49 - 11 months!

Monday we went hiking with the livermore zone. Emailed, went shopping. Planned for a lesson. Played a game called Missionary Impossible with the elders. Went to dinner and a lesson.

Tuesday we went to ACS. Helped a YSA move. Went to dinner. Went on splits, and I went to a YSA meeting in livermore.

Wednesday we went to Open Heart. Had district meeting. Went to Vanessa's lesson. Went to dinner. Saw Brittany. Went with the beehives to do a chalk plan of salvation.

Thursday we went to the livermore ZTM. Ate lunch. Started weekly planning. President Mella came to inspect our apartment - they are inspecting all of them in the mission. Had a meeting about our ZTM. ate dinner. Went on splits.

Friday we had ZTM. Met with Vanessa. Did more weekly planning. went to dinner. Went on splits again.

Saturday we went to the sealing of a family that sister Harvey taught in Fremont. I had never been to a live person sealing and it was really cool. Especially when their ten year old was sealed to them. Lots of pictures. :) there were four sisters who used to serve in the mission who had taught the family who came back. finished weekly planning. Tried to visit people. Went to dinner. Went on splits.

Sunday we went to church. Tried to see people, went to dinner. Drove to San Jose.

Today we went with Sister Mella to Hollister for a dentist appointment sister Harvey had. Went to fix my ipad screen - thank you family and sorry. went to lunch with the recent convert family who got sealed on saturday. went home and met up with sister Harveys trainer.

SOOOOO we have a date with Vanessa for the 26th of June. A member brought her to church and she is living with that member family (great environment for her!) and she is studying the lessons before we come. So amazing! She is so prepared! We are going to the Oakland Visitors center with her on tuesday. :)

I have somehow been on my mission for 11 months. (haha same as my favorite doctor lol) IT IS CRAZY. It is really hard to believe that I have actually been away that long.

I love and miss all of you!

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