Wednesday, June 8, 2016

week 48 hiking, exchanges and hiking

Monday we did laundry. Shopping. Emailed. Went on a late hike - too hot! Went to a meeting. Ate dinner. Went to FHE.

Tuesday we had Sister Whitaker with us for exchanges. Sister Harvey had a dentist appointment somewhere far from us, so we went to the Mellas overnight. President did companionship study with me and Sister Whitaker. Went home and she did language study. Saw Brother Wilson. Saw the Ferrins. Saw the Tukuafus. Saw Ryan. Went to dinner, which had a super spiritual message. Went to institute. Taught Li Li a little.

Wednesday we did Open Heart. Went to "Princess Training" (there are a lot of well off people here and so we need manners and social graces). Went biking, tried to see people. Went to dinner. Saw Brittany.

Thursday went to Open Heart. Had a district lunch then District Meeting. More biking trying to see people. Saw Jessica. Saw the Brownlows. Went on splits. Saw a new move in.

Friday I was on exchanges in Fremont because Sister Harvey had a meeting in San Jose. Went to ACS. Ate lunch, did language study. Went with a member to see Bill and LaRue. Went up to pleasanton - the drive was so traffic. Saw Sandra. Went to dinner. Saw the Rasts, a new move in.

Saturday we did weekly planning, with some service for the veterans hall in between. Went to dinner.

Sunday went to church. Yay testimony day! We did a Zone fast for a baptism in June. Tried to see some people. Went to dinner. Went finding.

Today we went on another hike, with another zone as well. Whoohoo.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Hope your week is awesome!!

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