Wednesday, May 25, 2016

week 46 -Transfers, mission peak and Lisa's first birthday

Well I love my area and Sister Harvey is awesome! She has a great
sense of humor and is from Leander TX, near Austin.

Monday we hiked mission peak again. Went to Denny's with most of the
zone. Printed pictures after doing laundry and went to email and sign
transfer journals. Went to Jaque's. Did studies.

Tuesday was transfers. Said goodbye to Sister Palmer. Went to
Pleasanton and its Sister Harvey's birthday! Unpacked. Sister Palmer
heart attacked the wall in front of my desk and wrote/drew on the
mirror. :) Met a lot of people. Saw Sandra. Went to dinner. Met the
bishop of one of the wards and taught them the restoration.

Wednesday we did some service. Went to district meeting where I tried
to play #142 as the closing hymn. I knidof did? Ate pizza as a
district afterward. Went and met Brother Carlson and his wife. Very
sweet. Biked to meet other people. Bleh. Let the elders borrow some of
my music, as they had one cd. . . .

Thursday did ACS (yay!) ate lunch and correlated with the elders about
missionary work. Met with a lot of Ward council people. Also we are
teaching a lot of 7 turning 8 year olds in the wards and asking them
to invite their friends to their baptism. Went to dinner. Went to
Sister Buckholz who is hilariously awesome and a sweet grandma.

Friday we went to open heart service which is helping cook and
cleaning a kitchen in a care home. It was awesome, but I was asked to
cut onions so I cried and Sister Harvey laughed at me - but I was
cutting onions, lol, I didn't cry on purpose! xD went home, ate lunch
and did weekly planning. Visited some people. Saw an amazing French
family, the Havards, for dinner and we are teaching their 7 year old
daughter, of their three. All through dinner this is what I heard
"Sister Kelly?" They are sooo cute and just kept asking me questions.
"Did you know Sister Palmer could speak French?" :)

Saturday did studies and packed a lunch cause we wanted to see people.
Tried to see the people. Ate lunch. Saw Sandra. Tried to see more
people. Ate dinner - their little girl (7, we are teaching) played the
violin for us. Went to a Hindi event. Had correlation.

Sunday we went to a lot of church and I received many "wow your hair
is so long!". Went to the farewell of one of the RS presidents sons
going to I think the same mission as one of my friends, Sister Jones.
Went to dinner. Saw Sister Miao. Say like the place in Egypt.

Well there are flees here because a cat the member we live with owns
brought them in a couple weeks ago and they are still here. Horray!

Love and miss you all! Hope everything is going well!

Sister Kelly

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