Tuesday, May 10, 2016

week 44 - 20 years and Mother's Day!

Monday we did laundry and studies. Emailed. Went shopping. I sent a
Mother's Day package. . . :) went home and slept because we could.
Went to visit Jaque and she gave me a coloring book for my birthday.
Met with the Cuturrufos.

Tuesday we went to Shinn park. We were weeding the Japanese garden.
Ate lunch and did language study. Visited Sister Paul. Visited Sister
Derting. Ate dinner. Met with one of our bishops.

Wednesday I made cake (which my Aunt Tresa and cousins sent me) during
studies. Opened my package from my family. :) went to district meeting
and after the zone sang me happy birthday while we ate the cake. Ate
lunch. Went to a new service, Park Central Care, a care home where we
pay attention to the residents and help them do things like color and
do word searches and play bingo. :) it was awesome. We tried to see
people and did language study. Went to dinner at our other bishops
house and had a lesson there with Dani. I turned 20 which is crazy!!
Happy may the fourth be with you day!! xD

Thursday we went to TriCity. I bought six books for 60 cents which my
sister will appreciate . . :) ate lunch and did language study.
Planned for the finding idea of teaching a Book of Mormon class. Saw
Natalie Cicairos. Went to dinner. At the Book of Mormon class (two
members came. . But are inviting for next time!) we talked about
Jacobs allegory of the olive trees in Jacob 5 because the recent
convert who came loved that chapter. Showed the seminary helps for it.

Friday we went to ACS. Ate lunch and started weekly planning. Helped
Sister Rhine set up for her daughters party. Tried to see people. Met
with Skylare!

Saturday we went to morning sports. Did studies. We ate lunch. Went to
Makayla's birthday party for finding. Drove up to Pleasonton for
exchanges. I was with Sister Palmer, my trainer! We tried to see
people, and went contacting when they didn't answer. Their zone was
asked to sing a song at an event and so we practiced for that and then
went to the event. Sister Palmer and I had to leave early so we could
go to dinner and half an hour after we left they sang Come Thou Fount.
But dinner was awesome, we ate quiche, and the member went on a
mission to France (which made Sis Palmer happy) and they used to live
in sugar land tx!!! It was awesome. Sister Hughes and I decided to
stay the night because I didn't want us to try and drive back as it
was 9:45.

Sunday we drove home after eating a lite breakfast. Got ready for
church, went to church. Cried a lot because everything was about
mothers. Got ready to skype and then skyped. :) it was awesome to see
everyone and how much they've all grown!!! (Can I have pictures???
Also can I have how tall everyone is? Are Lyd and Ben taller than me?)
we then ate dinner where we skyped. :) it was an awesome day. Happy
Mother's Day!!!!

I hope everyone had a great week and I hope this next one is just as
good for you! Love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

Happy Birthday to me!


Makayla's birthday

Sister Palmer!

This is how long my hair is getting!

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  1. Aww! That is so great! Two special days together. You won’t believe but my mother and I share birthday dates. I am turning 25 this year and we have booked one of the New York Event Venues for a huge celebration. Will share some of the pictures with you too.