Monday, May 16, 2016

week 45 transfers

I am transferring to Pleasanton. I am going to be with sister Harvey.

Monday we did laundry and studies. Emailed. Sis Hughes took a nap. We
went to a members home for pday and played ping pong and trivial
pursuit and ate ice cream. We had a lot of fun, some of the elders
brought investigators. Went to dinner. Went to FHE and played

Tuesday we took the car in for an oil change and tire rotation. We
walked to the walnut building, contacting along the way, and then I
played piano while sis Hughes did language study. I am figuring out
that I know more notes and have been able to slowly, very slowly,
figure out how to play a lot more hymns. :) did studies after picking
up the car. Went finding and tried to see people. Went to Jaque's.
Went to institute, which was about the importance of the Book of

Wednesday we did studies and worked on the Ward lists. Went to help a
member whose daughter had her mission call to Salt Lake City and
needed some dress advice. They fed us lunch. Went to park central care
for service. Did language study. Ate dinner. Dropped by Jaque's. Went
to ASL class.

Thursday we did studies and went to ACS. Ate lunch. Set up for a Ward
talent show. Did language study. Tried to see people. Went to dinner.
Went to the Book of Mormon study class.

Friday we did studies then went to ACS. Went to a members for a
meeting and lunch. Saw Bill and Larue. Did language study. Went to
dinner. Went to the Ward talent show, which was awesome, and these
cute little children sang one of mom and dads songs so I cried.

Saturday we did studies and started weekly planning. Had ZTM. Finished
weekly planning and went to dinner. Received the call for transfers.

Sunday we went to church and said goodbyes. :) went to say goodbyes to
all of the amazing members. Went to dinner. Did studies.

I have loved serving in Fremont! As the stake president says, Fremont
is Zion and I will miss it. But I am as always excited for what the
new transfer will bring.

My love to all of you!

Sister Kelly
Freemont Zone-my new companion Sister Harvey is on the far right

Freemont zone on mission peak

Reina learned how to fold her arms

me and Reina

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