Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Santa Cruz 13-I love to see the temple

​So our week was AWESOME.

So on monday we got a random call from the Watsonville Elders asking if we would be willing to drive around some sisters who came down for part of the day (from Sister Palmers old area). So we went to the Natural Bridges beach and had a blast. :) For dinner we made pizzas. Then we did laser tag for FHE. :) Also I actually got a written letter from family!! My grandparents.

Tuesday we had "distract meeting" - Benji would you please explain why you call it that? - with a special guest about to go on her own mission. :) On sunday when we called in our weekly numbers we were asked if we had any ideas for district meeting - and I knew that though I didn't at the time I would come up with something. So I did. My idea was for everyone in the district (including the guest) to share the story of their favorite scripture - why it was and how it came to be so. It was awesome. The favorites are Alma 32:21 (mine), Isaiah 41:10 (S. Palmer's), Isaiah 54:7 (E. Larsen's), Ether 12:27 (guest, S. Dolton), Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (E. Ball's), Psalms 119:105 (E. Lund's), and Alma 26:27 (E. Staker's). The questions of the day were "what food would you be", "what country would you be" (E. Ball was sure S. Palmer would choose france - so she choose switzerland), "what is something you wish you would've known before coming out on your mission", and "what did you do to prepare for your mission". :) After district meeting we went (without our guest sadly, she was cool) to get Acai (a brazillian fruit) bowls. :) it was awesome. We saw Nicolette. Did some service for a returning person, Elva (E. Lund and E. Staker were also doing service for her when we showed up). Got lost trying to find out dinner - because the address in the directory was wrong. :)

WEDNESDAY WAS TEMPLE DAY!!!!! :) The Oakland Temple is beautiful. <3 11o="" 4:30ish.="" 7:40ish="" :="" :d="" a="" about="" altogether="" an="" and="" are="" around="" as="" at="" awesome="" barely="" been="" below.="" called="" can="" car="" cars="" clock="" day.="" district="" elders.="" enchiladas="" endowed="" entire="" five="" for="" get="" give="" got="" had="" have="" he="" her="" home="" in="" including="" is="" it="" just="" krystal="" leave="" left="" lunch.="" made="" make="" managed="" may="" members="" mission="" moms="" morning="" nbsp="" not="" of="" or="" our="" out="" p="" palmer="" person="" pictures="" planned="" promised="" recently="" recipe.="" returning="" ride="" rides="" saw="" see.="" session="" sister="" slightly="" t="" temple="" than="" that="" the="" there="" to="" took="" us="" watsonville="" we="" went="" were="" which="" xd="">
Thursday not much happened other than the apartment inspections - telling us we have mold unfortunately but S. Palmer knew how to get rid of it and it was not our fault. Okay, so something did happen. . . . we received a referral who wanted a Book of Mormon - or, you know, tickets to the musical.  Also we saw Brenda.

Friday we did service. At the soup kitchen and then later at Elva's. Our one appointment of the day cancelled.

Saturday was the beginning of conference!!! <3 :="" adorable="" afternoon="" also="" and="" are="" at="" awesome="" childrens="" choir.="" conference="" debbie="" did="" dinner="" do="" email="" fun.="" fun="" go="" had="" house="" i="" in="" kings="" laundry.="" made="" member="" miss="" most="" my="" notes.="" notes="" of="" over="" p="" picture="" planning.="" saw="" sent="" session="" squirminess="" the="" then="" they="" to="" ward="" was="" watched="" we="" weekly="" which="" whose="" with="" you="" ysa="">
Sunday we were at the church for the first session - and so was the rest of the district. xD Then we went to Renee's house for the second session (picture with her near the bottom!). Then we had a "pizza party" at Brenda's house - she invited the Elders (all of them) as well but they didn't put her on the calendar so someone else signed up.

S​ister Hill, Sister Dinning (arms held out for ballence), Elder Barbosa, Elder Call, and Elder Sundrud 
Natural Bridges Beach

Sunday breakfast - it's a tradition in S. Palmer's family they do cinnamon roles on conference sunday. :) So we did. 

  Elder Sundrud, Elder Call (his birthday? the reason they all came down at least), Elder Barbosa, Sister Dinning, Sister Hill, Sister Palmer, ME :) 

Elder Lund, Elder Staker, Elder Larsen, Elder Ball, ME, Sister Palmer, Alice :)

On the way home form the temple 

So the week went by pretty quickly. xD It was awesome. 

Sister Palmer funnies: "the grouchy awkward missionary", and "You're just like a nice big spunge!" - to me, of course, because I am somehow a spunge??? 

Love and miss you all! <3 :="" div="" nbsp="">


Sister Kelly

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