Monday, October 19, 2015

Santa Cruz week 15

This week was interesting. . . . . .

Monday Sister Palmer packed most of the day. We went to Marrianne's one last time and printed pictures for our transfer journals. We had dinner with the Heiner's (in Santa Cruz ward) and she made sometime kindof like Yum Yum Chicken - I told her about the last time we ate with them - and it was awesome :) FHE was something called "smurfing". IT WAS AWESOME. What you do is you choose a person to go out of the room and while they are gone you choose a random word or phrase. The person then comes back and has to guess the word/phrase - but the word/phrase has been replaced by "smurf" or "smurfing". It is way fun. :)

Tuesday was TRANSFER MEETING. . . . after putting some of the Elder's things in our car because they didn't have room - we did the same on the way home. Sister Palmer is now gone to a different area and I have . . . .  Sister Unga! Her first language is definitely not english - it's Tongan.  ALSO, our area is not almost the entire stake now - it's JUST Santa Cruz and Ocean Branch. And all of our work was in Capitola. Gah.  We went to Institute because without Capitola I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO  AT NIGHT OR ANYTIME.

Wednesday was a LOT of finding. Kind of.

Thursday we did a finding Sister Palmer and I had been working on - texting people in our phone under potential investigator. We got some interesting responses.  One person was interested - but in New York so we sent him some info about missionaries there. Got a . . . maybe interested (meaning he "wants to marry a mormon girl and do we know how he can do that") in San Jose, so gave him to some missionaries there ;) . Some people needed to "check their schedule" but haven't gotten back to us. And then there were some nicely given "no's" and a very definite NO "Smoke Meth and Hail Satan". o.O okay then.

Friday we did service at the soup kitchen. Then later on while finding people.  . . . I kind  of ran into a sidewalk and got a flat tire. xD Made it slowly to a gas station and called the Elders.

Saturday we got a new tire - being on the spare is not good. :) We tried to find some OB people but I got a migraine and tried to take a nap to sleep it off - but I forgot to turn on the sound of my alarm and instead of waking me up Sister Unga let me sleep. All night.

Sunday was a special fast for people in the stake who have health challenges. Our dinner cancelled on us so it was good that the OB had a salad bar! We tried to find OB people then I sang in the stake choir practice. :) Made me feel slightly better!!

The coolest thing about Sister Unga is that I fit most of her clothes.


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