Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Santa Cruz 14

Sorry for how few pictures there are but wow that was a wild week. :)

Monday as you know we got our car fixed which took hours. xD FHE we did conference trivia for a little bit then played sardines. :) Then exchanges. . .

Tuesday I was in watsonville on exchanges with Sister Scarr. We did some service and tried to visit people - but apparently there is a "curse" connected to the exchanges. When you are on exchanges NO ONE IS HOME OR EVERYONE CANCELS. We did see a couple of interesting people though. :) We had dinner (SPICY - according to me NOT AT ALL SPICY - according to all the watsonville missionaries). Exchanged back and went home to plan.

Wednesday we saw Nicolette and Anyaleese. We went to activity days and answered questions about missionary work! :) IT WAS AWESOME.

Thursday we had Zone Training (where the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders tell us what President Mella told them in a meeting). We did some roleplays. The game was really fun. Two bags filled with small papers with words on them: 1) random objects 2)a gospel principle. We had to pick one from each and connect them. It was awesome. We had lunch as a zone. Also there was a cheesecake (because people are going home). Later on we saw our investigator Liz!!!! :) Also there were training and leadership calls - neither me nor sister Palmer got one.

Friday we did weekly planning, cleaned the house, had dinner in alma (mountains), and saw Krystal.

Saturday we saw Glenna, did training, ate lunch, and cleaned. Then we had some interviews with President where I realized some things I was doing wrong. I'm working on them. Then we went to SLV and saw Alice and helped Sister Dallenbach with puzzles. Then we had dinner at the Burgens. They are awesome. Transfer calls were that night and Sister Palmer is off on an adventure to a new area.

Sunday we went to church. LONG. Then we went to the Outgoing - also long. I sang Abide With Me; Tis Eventide #165 and Sister Palmer wasn't feeling well so she didn't. Also Sister Pule sang How Great Thou Art with another Sister - IN HAWAIIAN!!!!! It was sooooo cool! I saw some of the people I came out with (Sister Pule :), Elder Lieshman, and Elder Smoot) and Sister Palmer introduced me to some of her friends from her old area. :) The Outgoing was awesome and super spiritual.
SOOOOO Pretty! <3 p="">
Sister Palmer, Alice and me

Had to take a picture by the TWIN sign :) For sister Palmer's twin, Bre, and my darling sisters- BeccaSue

This week has been awesome and hectic and conference was great (as I said last time but we live for when the talks come out in the gospel library and we can mark them and read them :) )

Next time I email I will have a new companion. :) 

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