Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Santa Cruz 12

Monday :) we basically did our errands and stayed home until almost dinner time when the seaside sisters called and asked if we wanted to do something - so to Mackenzies we went. :) funnily enough that is the first name of one of the seaside sisters. lol. It was awesome. Then we had dinner and our investigator bailed on going to FHE (opposition from her family) so we didn't go - it was up in the mountains and we didn't want to take the drive without a reason. 

Tuesday was "distract meeting". The questions for this week were "what genre of music are you", "if you were a crepe or a pancake what toppings would you have", and "what kind of socks would you be". xD Then we had a mini testimony meeting basically and "taught Steve and Rodger" ( the district leaders dressed up like random people from Elder Stakers old area). After district meeting we went to give Nicolette a lesson on the temple :) Also Seaside found a less active while they were at walgreens waiting for their car to be fixed and sent us her info and we met with her. :) she is awesome and wants to come back to church and has a really pretty name - Anyalesse. 

Wednesday we met with Liz - our investigator - early in the morning because we were scared of losing her. Nicolette came along - and they really clicked as friends! :) We taught her about opposition and lesson three. :) Saw a couple of people, had dinner with the Stake Presidents wife which was awesome :) and saw Krystal. 

Thursday we saw Nanci Jo and she gave us both necklaces that she made - maybe I'll take a picture with my ipad and send it later as I forgot to do that :). Had dinner with someone named Brianna and her adorable son (the dad and grandma weren't home). Sometime during the day we went to a donut place to commemorate Elder Scott and got free donuts because a member worked there. :) 

Friday we did service at the soup kitchen - nothing too exciting happened other than some new people were there and not so kind about what the kitchen didn't have instead of thinking of what they did have. And then. . . . .we went finding with one of our Ward Mission Leaders. :) IT WAS AWESOME. We went to Pacific Ave (we don't go there at night without other people - it can get scary) and Bro J played the accordion while Sister Palmer and I sang. :) We passed out a ton of mormon.org cards. It was sooooooo much fun. :) Then we went to have dinner. :) Pizza!!! 

Saturday we did weekly planning because friday was full. We cleaned (there used to be soooooooooo much stuff in our closets!!!). Saw Sister D who insisted that Sister Palmer and I's soon to be husbands were both waiting at the bottom of Sister D's super steep driveway and that Sister Palmer and I would be buried (married) by next year. LOL. Then we had dinner at Alice's - and missed the Women's session. Went to the Santa Cruz Elders' baptism - because we were asked to sing - and President Mella and his assitants were there. The baptism was awesome and we sang "Abide with Me" hymn #166. Liz didn't come - instead she asked us to take a step back - but she has not dropped us! 

Sunday was long hours of church - and fasting. YSA had food afterwards though, and it was good. :) Also there was apparently a red moon or something but the clouds hid it so I couldn't get pictures :(  Also we found out that the less active member whose house we go to for laundry got an adorable puppy!!! :) 

This is Krystal's lizzard - T Swift. :) 

this was the heat. and we weren't even in the mountains - cause that is where we usually feel the heat. 

Sissy the cat. :) 

I am so weird but does that not look like a dragon??? ^^^


CONFERENCE!!!!!!! <3 :="" :d="" a="" also="" apostles="" are="" awesome.="" be="" conference.="" expecting="" font="" getting="" going="" i="" is="" it="" m="" nbsp="" new="" probably="" so="" spiritual="" super="" three="" to="" we="">

Know what else conference means for the missionaries in the California San Jose Mission??? WE GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!! :) <3 -="" :="" a="" but="" california="" conference="" day="" each="" expect="" font="" get="" given="" go="" have="" in="" is="" it="" members="" mission="" monday="" nbsp="" next="" oakland="" of="" our="" outside="" pictures="" rides="" round="" s="" so="" temple.="" temple="" the="" time="" to="" we="" wednesday="" with="" zone="">

Have an awesome week. 

Love and miss everyone (especially my darlings <3 font="">


Sister Kelly


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