Monday, September 14, 2015

Santa Cruz 10

 Monday was awesome. We went to Monterey! :) We had lunch at Ike's sandwich place with Hermana Sinclair and Hermana Grant (Hermana Grant was with me on the way to San Jose) which was fun, and then the Hermana's sent us to the aquarium without them cause the traffic was so bad, :( but we went and had a ton of fun. :) The drive back from Monterey took almost two hours, but we were glad to get out of Santa Cruz - they were apparently expecting thousands of people to be there!

Tuesday we did not have "distract meeting"  because we had a different meeting on Thursday. :( But our investigator whom we had not heard from for about a week texted us!! He was really busy as he works at a hotel and it was labor day weekend - but he is still interested :) We got a referral during lunch which was awesome. We went and saw our potential investigator who is interested just super busy at the moment :) We had dinner with an awesome family with seven children. Then we saw Krystal, who is a YSA less active wanting to come back to church (she really really does!) but something happens as to where she doesn't make it. :( But, something funny! We were talking about movies to see once we get back, and Sister Palmer still needs to see the last season of Korra. So Sister Palmer says she will be going into it (watching it) with low expectations, and Krystal says "that's what I do with people". We laughed so hard. xD I hit my two month mark!!! Ahhhhh!!! 

Wednesday our one set appointment cancelled on us :( so we . . . thought about contacting while driving around to see if anyone was at the parks. Then we saw the person whom we see when we want to feel better - Renee! She is an awesome recent convert who has a twin and speaks french. lol. :) We did some service for our dinner before dinner and then she talked ages (so lonely).

Thursday we had Zone Training. :) And we met the older couple, Elder and Sister Hayes, who are now over the SLV ward  and are really sweet. The topic of the training was obedience. We were in charge of the activity - and brainstormed the night before! We had half of them find examples of people in the scriptures who were obedient (they were: Noah {genesis 6:22}; Esther; Balaam {numbers 22-24}; Nephi {1 Nephi 3:7}; Moroni {I didn't catch the reference :( }) and the other half find scriptures on obedience and the blessings of being obedient or the curses of not . It was really fun. :) We did find out that the referral we got was definitely NOT interested in any way. I finished Jesus the Christ after dinner - IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! :)

Friday was Advanced Orientation. Woohooo. I saw all the people I came out with :) it was awesome, we talked about scripture study and how to teach people, not lessons. :) Panda Express for dinner with some members. :) Also some old referrals showed up. . . .  o.O now we have to see if any of them are good.

Saturday we could've had service that morning but when we tried to call the night before we couldn't even leave a message unfortunately. I tried Taco Bell for lunch. . . . :) We did some service for Alice, and sister Dallenbach (I finished the puzzle!!) :).

Sunday not much happened other than church. Well, we had a hard time finding  lunch (a member brings us lunch every sunday because she found out the missionaries are at church all day!)

Sister Palmer, Me, Sister Sinclair, and Sister Grant

grumpy day octopus xD

They glow, it's cool.

It's a whalebox xD

The puzzle I finished. :) 

And that was my week. :) 

Love and miss everyone!!! :) 

Sister Kelly

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