Monday, July 27, 2015

Santa Cruz -week 3

So mom I hear you have a birthday tomorrow??? :) I LOVE YOU AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :) Sorry I would come but I kinda can't exactly make from here in Santa Cruz. . . :)

And that is my area! Santa Cruz! It is amazing and the weather is SOOOOOOOOO nice compared to Houston! We are over five of the seven wards/branches in the Santa Cruz stake: S C Ward, C Ward, and the O YSA are the ones we visit the most as most of our less actives and investigators are in this area (we only have one investigator. . .  we'll work on it!), and the S L Ward and the A Branch are the ones we visit maybe once a month though we do visit the less actives in those areas when we can (they are also further out). We have eight hours of church on sunday. . . And I can just bet that NONE of our kids would survive it. ;P

Our investigator is Carol. She has been meeting with missionaries for years and still has not read the Book of Mormon (which to be honest is most of her problem as she comes to church when she isn't traveling the world). She went and saw the Book of Mormon musical recently and that might have disrupted some of the missionaries teachings. :(

No one in my MTC district is in my district or zone or area at all so that is kinda sad. At least I know I will see them sometimes cause they are in the same mission!!

For p-day we are going to the beach as a Zone and playing beach volleyball! :)

I am the driver in our companionship because Sister Palmer doesn't have a license! It's interesting trying to get used to the slow speeds, dad would hate it. xD

I would love more CD's of church music!!!! I have my mp3 so I have church music but it's nice to also have cd's to play in the car. Also look up the song Be Still by Hillary Weeks, Sister Palmer has it and it is AMAZING. We played it on repeat for two entire days in the car :) ;)

I love and miss everyone and will send letters sometime today (stamps are SOOOOOO expensive!!!).


Also anyone can email me during the week on any day!! Because we have ipads in our mission (they got the ipads two months before I got here mom so everyone is still getting used to them lol and it's extremely funny cause we have the place where apple was created in our mission). I can receive and read emails I just can't send any till p-day. So far I've only received emails from my sister, aunt lisa, mom, and dad. PLEASE EMAIL ME IT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER!!! Even just a scripture or short update on your day would be amazing.

I love and miss my family and friends so much!!!


Till next week!! And seriously email me!!!

Sister Kelly

Sister Hele and I finally got a picture the day before my MTC companion left! :)

Traveling by train to the airport! It was Sister Pules first time on a train-with sister Hertig next to me..

goodbye Provo

Elder Smoot, Elder Leishman, and President Taylor (he was our branch President for 4 days in the MTC)

Jordan River Temple

​I only sat by her till we were off the ground, then I moved (because she started sleeping and I wanted to talk or do something)

​Above the clouds!!! I was by the window while we were taking off and it was sooooo cool!

Sister Mella, Me, and President Mella!

San Jose California Moon. . . Cause I'm me <3 p="">
My companion Sister Palmer!!! :) She is amazing I love her already! She has a twin :) 

​All the new missionaries in the San Jose Mission!!! 

Sister McArther has an amazing flower garden, these are just my favorites!

Went to a small beach when an appointment fell through and this lighthouse is so pretty I love pictures

Sister Palmer and me!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures. What lovely girls in a lovely place! Think of all the good you can do there. We are so proud of you and love you very much.