Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First week at the MTC-mostly in pictures!

It was really cool to be up in the clouds! Here is a view of mountains and from the plane, as Abi requested. :)

Flag at half mast because of Elder Packers death. We were able to watch his funeral, it was amazing!

Pointing to where I'm going

This is my companion!!! Sister Roberts! She is so amazing and I love her spirit!

Elder Smoot, Elder Clark, Elder Blackburn, Elder Leishman, Elder Libberton, ElderJolley, Sister Pule, Sister Hertig, Sister Roberts, and ME!

My district and the MTC branch president and his wife whom we only had for last sunday till he was released. 
in order back left to right, front right to left: Elder Smoot (San Jose, CA), Elder Leishman (San Jose, CA) , President Taylor, Elder Jolley (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Elder Libberton (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Elder Blackburn(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) .  Elder Clark (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) , Sister Pule (San Jose, CA), Sister Taylor (San Jose, CA) , ME!, Sister Roberts (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania),  and Sister Hertig (San Jose, CA) !!

Our MTC Sister Training Leaders! Sister Hall and Sister Call. 

​The view from our classroom window! The Y is in the lower right corner xD. 

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