Monday, May 1, 2017

Bovay and Farewells

Well, I had a pretty good week.
Lisa and I 
Becca, Abi, Hannah, Rachel and I 
Becca and Bramble 
Look! Armadillos! 

Monday I had work. I went to FHE, we were doing various service projects. 
Tuesday I drove Lyd to seminary. 
On Wednesday I was called in to work. 
On Thursday I drove Lyd to seminary and I had to work again. 
Friday I drove Lydia to seminary and we went to Bovay. 
Saturday I helped with animal charades again and everyone was asked to leave because of a weather warning. 
Sunday I taught my five year olds about the Book of Mormon. Helped a family in my ward with moving. Went to a mission farewell for my old institute teachers the Kneis'. 

Hope everyone has a good week!


I hope this week 

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