Monday, May 8, 2017

Birthday and Star Wars

Well this has been a fun week! 

This is Coach Kalani (am I spelling it how he does? No clue!) and Ty at the BYU Fan Fest. It was cool to meet someone else with the same name! 

On Monday I had to work in the morning. I went to the library after to organize some mission pictures (I took around a thousand pictures in my first area alone. . .) and was there until it closed. Mom and the littles made it there just after to pick me up on their way home from the park. For FHE we played dodgeball. 

Tuesday I drove Lydia to seminary. 

Thursday I drove to seminary. It was Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you) and also my birthday. It is really weird that I'm 21. . . But its okay. One of my companions from my mission, Cora, called me and we made The Eternally Sober Club. :) I finally saw The Force Awakens. Sadly, I had to work on my birthday as I forgot to ask for it off. For institute we had an assessment and then played games, one where you are on a team and one person picks a name out of a bowl and has to get their team to guess who it is without you saying the name. The other was more. . . Interesting. We sat in a circle and there was a blindfolded person in the middle who had to use a pillow and sit on someone's lap and then had to guess who the person was after the person quacked. Awkward. 

Friday I had work again. 

Saturday we went to a BYU Fan Fest. It was fun. :) I got slightly sunburned because Texas and no shade. I hung out with a friend for a little and then after dinner we watched Rogue 1. I am sad with the ending. Grr. Oh well. 

Sunday I only had one kid in class. We talked about obedience being something we do because of our love of God and our faith in Him. I went to a YSA Broadcast, Elder Kim Clark and his wife spoke. It was awesome. 

I hope everyone has a great week! :) 


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