Friday, July 1, 2016

week 51 Baptisms and transfers

Only one person in the zone is transferring. It will be very fun.

Monday we did laundry, emailed. Ate lunch, printed pictures. Went home
and did things. Went to dinner. Went to FHE with Vanessa and Angel.

Tuesday we did open heart. Went to the Maughens and the Florians to
teach seven turning eight year olds. Met with Susie. Vanessa had her
interview. Went on splits.

Wednesday we practiced a song I was asked to sing in relief society.
Found clothes for Vanessa baptism. Ate lunch. Went to district meeting
and made the elders go on a hunt for "dirt" we made them (chocolate
pudding and Oreos). Met with Sister Smith. Went to dinner. Saw
Brittany. Went on splits and saw the Ferrins. A member who came on
splits with us got us ice cream.

Thursday went to ACS. Ate lunch. Did weekly planning. Met with
Vanessa. Went to dinner. Met with the Briggs.

Friday we went to get our car fixed, brakes and oil change/tire

rotation. Did more weekly planning. We to to a lunch with a member.
Met with Vanessa. Went to dinner. Saw the Caldeiras.

Saturday was the baptism of Vanessa and Angel! :) ate lunch. Had a
meeting with the elders. Finished weekly planning. Tried to see Sandra
but she wasn't home. Took a soon to be missionary, Toni out with us.
She is going to Brazil. Saw Eduardo. Went to dinner - it was a bunch
of rms from the singles ward, so it was super fun to listen to the
mission stories (one went to dads mission). Went and saw Sister

Sunday went to church. I gave a talk. We went and ate lunch. Watched
them get confirmed. Went and I sang in relief society. Tried to see
some people. Went to dinner. Went home and prepared, then drove to San
Jose to make it less of a drive to get to sister Harvey's dentist
appointment in the morning.

And now today! :) hope every one has a wonderful week!

I love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

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