Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th of July! We have Agency hooray! 1 year

Monday we went to a dentist appointment Sister Harvey had. Sister Harvey worked on her resume at the mellas for four hours. Sister Mella fed us lunch. Went home started laundry. Emailed. Played ping-pong and cards with the elders.

Tuesday we went to open heart service. Ate lunch. Visited some 7 turning 8 year old members we are teaching. Ate dinner.

Wednesday we went to open heart service. Had a district lunch/meeting. Did service for a family in the ward who was moving - with girls camp and scout camp both this week. Met with Eduardo. Ate dinner. Went on splits and I met with another 8 year old.

Thursday we went to ACS where we organized and priced cds for two hours. Went and had lunch with the Livermore Sisters :) Went to the Yips. Met with Tassia, taking Toni (going on a mission to Brazil soon). Went to dinner. Went to Sister Miaos.

Friday we drove to Fremont to exchange for MLC. Went to ACS there. Drove back to Pleasanton to get out phone and eat lunch. Met with Vanessa. Met with Angel. Exchanged back. Went to dinner.

Saturday we did weekly planning. Had a lunch/correlation with the Elders. Finished weekly planning. Went to the baptism of Bella, one of the 7 turning 8 year olds we've been teaching. Ate dinner. Saw Sandra. Saw the Corcrans. Saw the Gauthiers and helped them husk corn.

Sunday we went to a missionary/bishop correlation. Went to church. Tried to see some potential YSA's (graduated this year). Went to dinner. Saw another potential YSA named Matilda. Her sisters name is Hermione. :)

Have a happy fourth! And a wonderful week! I love and miss all of you!

minion missionary

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