Tuesday, July 12, 2016

the fourth of July

This week has been crazy with my 12 months of being a missionary and the Fourth of July.

Monday we did laundry and went to one of our wards Fourth of July celebration breakfast. Went shopping. Emailed. Sister Harvey did My Plan stuff - it's something to help missionaries in their first year or so back home. Sister Harvey sorted through things. We went to dinner. We had forgotten that we were doing exchanges that night for the next day so rushed back home to pack some things. Then I went to Fremont and watched fireworks with the Ct, while Sister Harvey went to Livermore and watched fireworks with Vanessa.

Tuesday Sister Lam, Sister Jones, and I helped clean up and organize a fireworks booth. Ate lunch. They went on splits with members at different times so I spent time with one while the other was with a member and then they switched. We went to Institute. Exchanged back.

Wednesday we went to service at Open Heart. Ate lunch as a district. Did ZTM planning. Met with Vanessa. :) Went to dinner. Went on splits.

Thursday we went to ZTM in livermore. ate lunch. Went to try and see someone but ended up contacting and handing out books of mormon in a parking lot. Did some Weekly Planning. Ate dinner. Went on splits and I saw the Caldeiras. The member I was on splits with thought that we were awesome. :)

Friday was our ZTM. Went to a 7 year old lesson and they gave us banana bread which we ate for lunch. Saw the Crugers. Saw Vanessa. Went and practiced for a song the missionaries were asked to sing in on sunday in one of the wards. Went to dinner. Went on splits and saw Dominique. And somehow I have been out a year!

Saturday we did weekly planning and ate lunch. Did service for a blood drive (signed people in and stuff like that). Saw Sister Grace. Went to dinner. Went on splits and made appointments with some people.

Sunday we went to church. All the missionaries (us, two elders and their mini missionary) sand Joseph Smiths First Prayer to the tune of Come Thou Fount. :) Saw Matilda. Went to dinner. Finished weekly planning. Saw the Gauthiers.

The week was good. :)

Now family I have something I would like you to do. I was reading in Preach My Gospel and saw an invitation. So, how have you individually been blessed by keeping a commandment? :)

I love you and miss you all so much! :)


Sister Kelly

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